I Will Remember Carroll

I am going to miss Carroll Public School because it has the best teachers I have ever had and I will never forget the hardworking students.

Sometimes the students would muck around but it was just for fun. I have tried so hard to do my best at everything and I am controlling my anger a bit better than I used to. Thanks to this school when the year 5 and 6 boys and girls who are aboriginal went to STEM camp. At the camp this aboriginal guy I met told me this trick that gets rid of my anger.

When I started this school I found Harry playing by himself. So on my first Friday at Recess, I walked up to him and asked him what he was doing by himself and that is how I got a BFF. This all happened at this school and now since I am going to High School I will miss Mrs. Dowe, Mr. Brown, Miss Callaghan, Miss Hobden, Mrs. Henderson, Di and all the students in the school.

I hope High School is going to be fun. If it is fun it is not going to be the same thing that we do here at this school. I will tell people about this school when I am an adult so there will be more kids at the school to make Carroll Public School a place that people want to send their kids.

I will always treasure this school in my memories and in my heart forever. That is how nice this school is and even though we are a small school, we are a big school in the hearts of the students that go to this school known as Carroll Public School.

Carroll Public School rocks, trust me and the teachers rule. The teachers are so nice that sometimes if you are really well behaved they let you have fun for a little while then you will have to go back to work, so have fun while it lasts.

I will have a fun and happy day on my last day at this school tomorrow. I will miss this school and I hope I will come back one day to say hello.