The Water Tower Museum is housed in an old water tower that was originally built in 1908 and was the first water tower to be constructed in Gunnedah. The museum has a large display of memorabilia artefacts and archives with four floors and an observation deck. A feature of the museum is the mural paintings on the third floor which captures the very early Aboriginal and European history of the district.

The Water Tower Museum is the permanent home of the Gunnedah and District Historical Society Inc. Sited in Anzac Park (near the Visitor Information Centre) the building has an interesting history.  Built in 1908 it was the first reservoir constructed in Gunnedah. It remained in service until the late 1950′s when it was eventually replaced by a new steel reservoir that had been erected nearby. In 1968 began a decade of work to convert the old water tower into a unique home for the Historical Society’s collection of documents and articles. The result of this conversion has been a basement, three display floors and an observation deck.

The Gunnedah and District Historical Society was formed in 1963 at a public meeting held in the old Council chambers.  The meeting was called by Alderman Frank O’Keefe who was then mayor of Gunnedah.  Gunnedah Municipal Council supported the Society by providing an initial home for the collection in the rear of the new Elgin Street Council Chambers and has continued to support the society throughout the years.

Around this time the late Russell McDonagh, a notable local historian, had bequested his historical collection to the Society along with the donation of £167 to purchase a place to house his bequest.  The McDonagh Papers still remain the most prized possession of the Society.

By late 1967 after three years of searching for a new home to house the growing collection, the old water tower was selected as the site for a new museum.  Work began on Saturday, 3rd August 1968. Ten years later the Water Tower Museum opened to the public.

Contact Us:
Gunnedah Water Tower Museum
ANZAC Park, South Street
Gunnedah NSW 2380
02 6742 2118

Opening Hours:
Sat: 10.00am - 2.00pm
Open most Mondays

Adults: $3.00
Children (1-5 years): $2.00
Pensioners: $2.50
Research can be accessed with the help of a volunteer: $10.00