We began the swim school for the Wellness Centre with such a simple philosophy, help our kids learn to swim.  In the last 18 months it has blossomed into an amazing community of beautiful children and parents joining us to ensure their little ones are safe in the water.

Learning to swim can come with its own set of challenges for children, we have seen children so scared of the water and lessons they are unable to come into the pool, then they progress to sitting on the steps, then building trust in their teacher progress to skills and finally to swimming with confidence. Such an amazing gift to be present through the journey of these little people learning such an essential life skill.

  1. Start with the basics

Our learn to swim program begin with survival skills including paddling, back floating & rotation and kicking, when your child feels confident & independent in the water we move onto freestyle and the progressions encompassing correct technique & bilateral breathing, we then move to backstroke and breaststroke and butterfly only once the child is completely proficient.  Only when a child can consistently and confidently perform skills, are they moved to the next level.

Our teachers are Austswim Qualified and undergo both internal and external training, keeping staff up to date with current methods and techniques, ensuring we stay well above industry standards.

  1. Make it fun!

Provide your children with experience of the water that is fun and enjoyable.  Splash, play with toys in the bath, get out to the pools/beach/river when you can.  Acclimatise your children to the water slowly, work to their speed and comfort levels.

A child’s first experience with water should be an active and fun experience. We look forward to working with both you and your children to achieve the best aquatic experience possible. Swimming is not just a sport but a skill for life that can be enjoyed forever.

We aim to ensure that the children’s time with us is positive and rewarding. We strongly believe that all children will develop to their full potential through the positive guidance of our fully accredited, caring and professional swimming instructors.

Start early and introduce your baby to the baby swim program, it’s a fun and exciting way to bond with bubs from 6months on mum’s/dad’s/care givers. Singing songs, playing games and meeting new friends.

  1. No swim aids

We teach without the use of swimming aids, floaties etc. This helps to promote confidence, independence and strength in the water.

We cater for the individual development of each child and work with them through a sequence of skills tailored to their abilities and experience. It is important to us that all children in our program feel safe, secure, happy and are challenged to learn.

  1. Stay warm

Children lose their body heat faster than adults, ensure that you take note of when your littlies are starting to get too cold and aim to warm them up with towels/showers quickly after they are out.

We have warm showers at the swim school, be sure to rug up prior to heading out into the car park.

  1. Relax and breathe!

This is for the parents and for our swimmers, remember each child progresses at his or her own pace.  Some children and adults take longer to acclimatise to the pool but the most important thing is to breathe, relax and enjoy your time in the water.

Our classes are limited to small size and we are located within the GS Kidd School pool, the school pool provides a fully heated, indoor facility to allow for comfortable and safe learn to swim from 6months to 8yrs.  Funds created through rent help to support any fundraising efforts that the school is working towards for their students, currently they are fundraising for a school bus to allow the students to travel to school activities more easily.

For more information contact us 0427422682 or info@wellnesscentrensw.com.au and don’t forget to follow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/thewellnesscentrensw