HAVE YOUR SAY against fluoridation of Gunnedah & Curlewis' water. BY THIS FRIDAY 8 DEC!!



So much more is known now that Fluoride in the water we drink has serious affects to our health and our children (it is NOT the same as brushing with toothpaste which has prolonged contact with our teeth and then spat out and is a very different chemical concoction). There is clear substantiated evidence that ingested fluoride increases hypothyroid problems, weakens bones and increases fractures as we age, is a neurotoxin and lowers IQ in babies born of mothers drinking fluoridated water and young children who ingest it. And this is just the beginning of what is being found.

There is a reason why Aust Dental Association now warn that children under 6 years should only use (the width of 1&1/2 bunches of bristles - it's tiny) of specially formulated 'Low fluoride' toothpaste and "Do not swallow" "Under adult supervision" - they already know there are risks from ingesting fluoride, especially with children.

The dose that each person would receive in drinking water cannot be controlled - a baby fed with formula would get the same 1.0mg/litre as a 90kg grown man!

Data from the World Health Organisation of tooth decay from 18 countries over 45 years - show NO DIFFERENCE between fluoridated and non-fluoridated countries. Rates are already naturally declining due to better nutrition and better brushing.

Wouldn't the huge expense involved be better used in education in nutrition and dental hygiene practices where it is most needed?



Council may decide to fluoridate our water on 20 Dec!

There are too many alarm bells about it now. The trend all over the world is to remove added fluoride from public water supply. No longer are they happy to put a schedule 7 poison, a chemical waste product, too toxic to allow into the air or waterways into drinking water, to mass-medicate people without their consent.

Since 2010, 29 Councils in Australia voted to stop the practice or refuse to begin. Do we really need to go there as the picture is becoming clearer day by day.

WE MUST HAVE A CHOICE ABOUT THIS. Let's look after the health of our families and our friends. YOUR VOICE COUNTS!

(References to above data is available on request and more links are available: https://www.facebook.com/groups/127806451221286/

This short video of world leading experts in their field explains the concerns about fluoride in water very well http://fluoridealert.org/fan-tv/prof-perspectives/

And if you are not online, you can write your objections (must have name and address only to confirm are a resident of Gunnedah Shire. You will not be personally identified in any report but what you say and your vote will be important).

Post (best to post by Wed 6 Dec) to:
Gunnedah Fluoridation Consultation
PO BOX 425
Gunnedah 2380