Gunnedah Rural Health Centre - Administrator Appointed

The Board of the Gunnedah Rural Health Ltd (Gunnedah Rural Health Centre) appointed Alan Hayes of Hayes Advisory, as voluntary administrator on Friday 7th July 2017.

The Administrator is exploring means by which Gunnedah Rural Health Centre may continue. The Administrator has kept the doors open.

Gunnedah Rural Health Centre was made possible with the majority of the funding provided by the Australian Government and significant contributions from the local community, as well as Shenhua and BHP Billiton.

The vision that local doctors would practise from the state of the art facility has proved difficult and did not eventuate. Consequently the community benefits expected to accrue failed to materialise. Notwithstanding this difficulty, there remains an opportunity for the original vision and the accompanying community benefits to materialise. That is a goal of the Administrator.

The recent engagement of Dr. Martin Jodlowski-Tan as Gunnedah Rural Health Centre's Chief Medical Officer has led to great interest and commitment from medical students and registrars. The presence of a senior doctor(s) at Gunnedah Rural Health Centre is a pre-condition for the acceptance of medical students and registrars. The need for senior doctors was necessarily supplemented by locum doctors, an expensive option which was and remains unsustainable in the long term.

Gunnedah Rural Health Centre's Board would like to thank the local community, staff and doctors for their support including those who have volunteered many hundreds of hours to maintain the provision of services to the community.

Gunnedah Rural Health Limited

Alan Hayes, Administrator, Monday, July 10th 2017