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Gunnedah Physical Culture Club was proud to send nearly 50 members over to the Coonabarabran Physical Culture competition this weekend, Saturday 15th August.

The ladies and girls of Gunnedah Club competed in all age groups from 5 years to the over 55’s.  An array of brilliant coloured leotards, beautifully styled hair and beaming smiles complemented each competitor’s performance.

For some girls this was their first competition, a nerve racking but very exciting experience, for the more experienced members of the club, true professionalism and experience lead to some great results.

As a club they achieved many certificates and great results, certainly a weekend to be proud of.  The next event for the girls will be the club competition held at St Xaviers School Hall on 5th September followed by the annual zone competition held in Tamworth on 10th October.

Well done to all members of the Gunnedah Physical Culture club for their efforts and achievements so far.

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And here are the results:

Charlene D’Anastasi 1st
Alison Gosper 1st
Sarah Trindall 1st
Sophie Bush 1st
Bec Howarth 1st
Bec Wilson 1st
Bianca Day 1st
Chris Hodges 1st

Molly Oram 2nd
Hannah Turner 2nd
Olivia Semler 2nd

Alice O’Brien 3rd
Emily O’Brien 3rd
Alice Roach 3rd

Bianca Sheumack 4th
Courtney Hobden 4th
Talea Coulton 4th
Isobel Kelly 4th
Lilly 4th

Holley Tailby 5th
Claire McGuirk 5th
Daisy Sheedy 5th
Kate Bishop 5th
Hannah Langdon 5th
Lacie Kleinshafer 5th
Freya Conn 5th

Poppy Oram 6th
Jasmin Hobden 6th
Sophie Kennedy 6th
Chloe Day 6th
Kaitlyn MacAulay 6th
Serena Jaeger 6th

Kate Oram, 17/08/2015