The range of services offered by Gunnedah Pet Vet involves preventative, elective, health and wellbeing, emergency and trauma care.

Preventative services

Vaccinations are the key to maintaining pet health. Both dogs and cats can suffer a variety of disease (diseases) which are easily prevented. The Gunnedah Pet Vet stocks a complete range of modern vaccines to ensure that pets do not suffer from some nasty and often fatal diseases. Heartworm is a tropical disease that has been reported throughout New South Wales. The Gunnedah Pet Vet clinic recommends annual injections against heartworm, generally at the time of vaccination.

Parasites – there are many parasites which make life miserable for our pets – fleas, ticks and worms  to name a few. We offer the convenience of tailor made doses of worm medication for each of your pets and we can weigh your pets (or estimate) and give your pets the correct dose of medication. There is a huge range of flea and tick products on the market, we are able to give you expert advice on what will suit your pet and your circumstances.

Elective Services

It is no secret that there are many unwanted pregnancies and an overabundance of stray and feral cats and dogs.

Desexing is the answer -castration of males and spaying of females. For males the procedure involves removal of the testicles under full anaesthetic. The benefits of castration are a cleaner dog, less urge to roam, and often decreases aggression.

For females the procedure also requires a general anaesthetic – both ovaries and uterus are removed.

Pets do better without an overnight stay where possible so the timing is organised as a day surgical procedure. Your dog or cat is brought to the clinic after overnight fasting. All animals requiring an anaesthetic are examined thoroughly, the pet is sedated and shortly after operated on. Owners collect their pets from mid to late afternoon.

Health and Wellbeing

We would rather work towards maintaining the health of your animal than assist when pets are ill. Cardiac health, joint health, weight control, annual check-ups and dental assessments – all of these are included during annual health assessments, generally at vaccination time.

Emergency And Trauma Care

With modern equipment including x-ray, ultrasound, laboratory, infusion pumps and anaesthetic monitoring, injured animals are quickly assessed and treatment commenced. Poisonings and snake bites are a priority for rapid attention and treatment.

The Team At Gunnedah Pet Vet is very looking forward to seeing you ! Please contact us by email at vet@petvet.com.au , by phone at (02) 6742 5585 or simply stop by at our clinic on 98 Barber Street in Gunnedah.

More information can also be obtained on their website at www.gunnedahpetvet.com.au or via Facebook at www.facebook.com/GunnedahPetVet.