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small11847341_10207393034773672_1244465214_o was designed to become the local community, business and advertising directory for Gunnedah, NSW. We live in a real time world and do not want to browse yellow books or other paper sources in order to find what we need. Tablets or mobile phones have become our new tools to identify businesses, deals, services, local news or events. MyGunnedah provides exactly that for Gunnedah exclusively.

Your Online Home

The concept of an online community platform is not new. And we had no intentions to reinvent the wheel. But we added some extra values and features to our directory. First it is a business directory for Gunnedah only. Your business will not compete with businesses out of town. Secondly, we have our deal section which allows you to post unlimited special offers or deals. Thirdly, we have a Real Estate section with sales and rentals. Fourthly, we have an event section to show what is going on in Gunnedah. And lastly, the latest news of what is happening in Gunnedah. And all content is connected to maps and directions to lead potential clients directly to you.

Content Displayed In Full Screen With No Size Limitations

An regular ad has limited visibility and reach. And depending on how much you want to spend in size and colours, the ad might not transport your advertising message. Chances that your ad might not be noticed are exponentially higher. How does displaying your ad in full screen sound with no limitations in colours or images ? has it build in for everybody.

Wherever And Whenever You Want is Gunnedah in your pocket. It was designed to be used on tablets, phones or regular computers 24/7/365, wherever and whenever you want. Whatever happens on our website, also happens on our Social Media Platforms which especially for the younger generation is the preferred way to find what they are looking for.

We Provide Content Which Is Found is divided into logical sections and will make sure that when a user wants to learn about businesses, deals, news or events they get it.

We Transport Your Message 24/7

A regular ad does not tell you very much. It does not tell you how many people have read your ads, it does not tell you how many readers have shared your ad with their friends, it most likely does not allow you to be contacted right out of the ad. was designed with one purpose: To Search, Find and Share content.

Affordable Content Marketing

Placing regular ads can easily add up in cost and expenses that are hard to swallow for a Small Business. In our opinion this represents a huge disadvantage which we hope to resolve with We have only one monthly price for all services. And all services are unlimited.