Northern Inland Regional Waste group (NIRW) has received an $85,000 NSW Government grant for a litter reduction program, Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson announced today.

The Northern Inland Regional Waste group was one of nine Regional Waste Groups awarded a grant under the Litter-Regional Implementation Program.

Kevin Anderson said from roadsides to parks, takeaway containers to drink bottle rubbish, these grants will help combat litter from all angles.

“The project will target high-use recreational parks with litter issues through clean-ups, infrastructure improvements and service improvements complemented by media and community engagement activities.

“The project will also improve bin cleansing program, adjusting service frequency, installing litter signage.

“The NSW Government’s goal is to reduce litter volume by 40 per cent by 2020 and these grants will help NIRW Regional Waste Groups and their member councils cut the amount of litter on their streets, in their parks and waterways.”

“The NIRW do a great job all rear round in looking after our environment and I congratulate them on the grant and thank them for the work.

“Keeping our streets and highways clean and litter free should be a priority for everyone, it’s important that people in our towns and cities look after their communities and take pride in them.

“The NSW Government’s Litter Regional Implementation Program has offered funding to the state’s 14 waste groups to support their member councils to work regionally to tackle litter problems unique to their communities.” Mr Anderson concluded.

More information about the Litter Regional Implementation Program grants is available at http://www.epa.nsw.gov.au/wastegrants/council-litter.htm.

Kevin Anderson MP | 0418 493 867

Photo attached – Kevin Anderson doing his bit to keep our streets clean.